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Other Activities

LITEC have supported business units related to human health care.

IOMIST micro-current and negative ion lotion by Wawon Corporation,


Principle of IOMIST

Tourmaline by itself generates few negative ions . (about 20-40 ions/cc) Ultra fine particles of a negatively charged catalyst realized a tremendous amount of negative ions. (PAT.No.3893091) (about 15,000 ions/cc)


IOMIST for Health

  • Tired eyes

    Spray IOMIST around neck and/or spray IOMIST onto handkerchief and apply it to eyelid. Cooling IOMIST by refrigerator will make it more effective.

  • Stuffy head

    Spray IOMIST between forehead and hairline, back of the neck and hairline. Spraying all around the neck and face and entire head will also be effective.

  • Shoulder and lower-back muscle stiffness

    Spray directly to the painful area, or spray onto gauze or supporter. Application for warming up and cooling down will relax the muscles. IOMIST also may be effective for tennis elbow and knee problems.

IOMIST for Beauty

  • Exfoliation (Dead skin removal)

    Spray plenty of IOMIST to knees, elbows and back of hands, and rub softly. Fine particle less than 5um and imperceptible Tourmaline fine powder exfoliates dead skin. After, rinse with water and spray IOMIST again.

  • Skin roughness and acne

    IOMIST generates a huge amount of Negative ions and Micro currents. Since the face muscle memorizes tension by stimulus, repetitive application of the stimulus by Micro currents to facial skin helps regain glossy and moist skin and improves the sagging of the entire face. Negative ions make it easy to exfoliate dead skin and help prevent dullness and discoloration, and promotes translucence, as well.

Semiconductor base Biosensor by Bio-X Japan,


Bio-X Inc. developed and is manufacturing AMIS (Signal Accumulation ISFET proton detection type Ion Sensor) and the measuring system with AMIS. AMIS system enables the simple measurement of enzymatic reactions by label free (no luminescence process, no coloring process required).

Bio-X Singapore, Bio-X’s affiliate company in Singapore, who received R&D investment from Singapore government, is now developing the table top type AMIS system, aiming to sell in worldwide market.

AMIS sensor is applicable to wide range of fields such as food, medical, pharmaceutical, marine-earth science, etc.